Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Tate Modern States of Flux

Follow this link or better still head down to the TATE Modern and catch this amazing exhibition.

Tate Modern States of Flux

This is a superb display of some the best and most critical art ever produced!!!

It really is that good!!!

East London : Anti Fascist

I have recently filmed and edited a short documentary "East London : Antifascist".

Below are some pictures of the wonderful Cable St Memorial Mural in Shadwell E1!!!

The docu features notorious trouble maker, writer and anti fascist Martin Lux of Class War fame ranting. . . .sorry I mean contextualising the popular Anti Fascist actions of the English Working Class as they defeated the rising tide of pre and post war British Fascism with peace and love and off course good old fashioned class violence!!

Martins point. . . .

Working Class people fought for equal rights for all confronting racist police and the reprehensible Fascists of Mosleys' Union Movement, The BNP, British Movement and the National Front (aka various Toffs, nonces, skinheads etc etc).

It was ordinary Working Class people who paved the way for todays MultiCultural Society and more often than not they had to fight against the State and the Police as well as the fascists.

I shall upload the movie in due course.

This project was for Rich Media Production on my FDA Digital Media Course.