Thursday, 29 March 2007

Nabils Blog!!!

Wel Today has been a day of cultural consumption for me:

I checked out AOP photography association, popped into the vice office (the receptionist was so cool: yeah right), read vice mag, had a beer, bought a deadly book on honty for £1.50 and shit cant remember the rest.

Anyhow the purpose of this post is direct you the people of cyberspace to one the key proponents of the BLOG and someone who illustrates what a cool ting it can be:

check it out the observations of beautiful young person in occupied war ravaged Iraq

Sunday, 25 March 2007

Saturday, 24 March 2007

Sport Today

I walked to the bookies today.

The Theme tune to The Battle of Algiers playing in my head.

Why oh why oh why.

The Bookies appealeth to I.

The Fickle Nature of Money.

All that Spend.

With a distinct absence of Product.

"Never Before Have So Many Spent So Much And Purchased So Little"

Welcome to The Bookies.

Turn Left At The Boulevard Of Broken Dreams.

Watch Your Step For the Ground Holdeth Empty And Not Empty Cans.

Of White Ace.

Tenants Super.

Special Brew.

The Latter not Really The Reserve of The Gamblers.

Then Again The King Of Beers.

The Sports O f Kings.


Are You Copen.


Todays Bets.

Robbie Keane To Score First And Ireland to Win 3 - 1.

Wales to Beat Ireland and Israel To Beat England. £1 Win Double.

Friday, 23 March 2007

Jammie Dodgers

Life is like a packet of jammie dodgers.

I woke up yesterday with the typical twisted guts of a tower block dweller on London's grey Skyline.

Moments of nothingness disturbed only by cooking some brown rice.

And Ignoring it.

I lit up my skunk pipe.

Made a cup of Tea.

Ate 4 and a half Jamie Dodgers.


So much for Health.




Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Too Much Bad Weed In AH THE Garden

So what the fu is going on?

Where haveth all the colly gone?

I mean there is a serious problem in the UK at the moment with Ganja/Cannabis smokables.

You buy crack or smack in any town in the country in a matter of moments try and find some nice skunk or a good quality hash.

Not so easy.

In the last year there has been a nationwide crackdown on Skunk production; over 1,500 grows have been busted in the london area alone and 3 are happening everyday at the moment around the country.

So Why?

Why have the state and the pigs and their fucking lackeys cracked down on the motherfucking colly.

I dont want to sound like some sad hippy wanker.

But really extra strong lager/cider numbs yer brain

Crack fucks you up

Smack puts you to sleep

Sweets rot your teeth

Only ganja and hash can potentially (i emphasise the potentially it might just turn you into a sad moany hippy) stimulate your brain engaging your critical faculties and encouraging you to be nice and happy)

So its simple really the status quo and fucking status stoned. . . . . . .

Monday, 19 March 2007

Children of Men not Childring of Ming

Ok so here it is hitting the shops in ah dvd stylee.

Children of Men; that deadly movie by the Spanish or Mexican guy is hitting purpled haired grannies up side the head in woolies this week.

If ya have not seen it go and download that shit now.

Its cool its deadly.

A dystopian view of London in 20years time:

The Total Criminalisation of the Other.

Freaky Christian Weirdos.

Wanker Revolution.

Abscence of Babies.

Palpable sense that humanity has reached the end of the road.

Enjoyable, entertaining and kinda scary. . . . and dinnae jus mean Micheal Caine pon the BONGOS!.

Sunday, 18 March 2007

Womble not Framble

Well its approaching the end of the season for AFC WIMBLEDON. With an 18 point deduction waiting to be effected and form that is definitely slipping; next season has got stasis written all over it.

For the second week in a row the Dons have slipped up against relegation fodder. A 3 - 1 hiding for lowly Hendon last week has been followed up with a one all score draw against bogey team Wothing.

Worthing THE REBELS were rubbish yesterday but they showed a lot of heart for a young team and thoroughly deserved their point which could prove crucial to their hopes of staying high in a dee Ryman Premier Division.

Wes Daley opened the scoring with a fine shot from outside the box after 10 minutes. Roscoe Dsane failed to convert a bloodclart penalty shortly after the break. Soon after the rebels scored a cool goal against debut Goalie Clark Kent (or something like that).

It was left to the home crowd to put the woe inna dee WOMBLES with sullen faces accompanied by arious words of ill directed at Nordie Wimbledon Boss Dave "what aboutcha!" Anderson.

In conclusion ya have yer ups and downs but Haydon The Fat Wonble reckons the Dons will bounce back next week against the Hampton Toffs.

The whole idea of AFC Wimbledon is the underdog spirit. However much it discomforts to see a deep in form its always a pleasure to see the underdog side go home with a point.