Wednesday, 30 May 2007


Its a good moment to posit some thoughts on violence. The G8 protests have already commenced and there is no way Yokerist will be in attendence. Nope not this year. I will be watching from the sideleine urging on the young and the restless; striving for a good time, a summer of love in a collective attempt to change the world for the better.

Inevitably loads of nasty, organized bastards will turn up with weapons of all sorts. Sticks, tools, projectiles, masked up faces, viscious fighting dogs the works.

Even Chemical weapons.

yes the police will be turning up in force to stifle the protest and kick the shit into all who get in their way!!!!

Anyway many people young and old will be in attendence at the AntiG8 protest. Many will be mellow, marching chatting and laughing. Many will do this and more. Not content will doing what they are allowed to do. many will bring their critique to life. Paint it like a beautiful picture. Inspiring to us as we watch TV.

Anti G8 2007.

PPL in Black.

I salute you.

Fair Play.

Soon to follow compilation of Anti G8 blogs and sites.

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Ireeland Lookup Pon Babylon

Well there ya go!

From over here in BabyLonDon Irelands looking even more conservative that it did 10 years ago when I wandered off to grimeyer climes.

The Sinn Fein vote has collapsed and Gerry's grizzly visage is looking even more a relic than St Martins hairy legs.

Anyhow. Whatever that means.

At Least the PDs got spanked but barring that every corrupt and wronged out candidate appears to have been elected.

Its clearly a case of back to the drawing board for the SF part Strategists, they need to figure out how to satisfy their core vote (typical of but not exclusively the Dublin working class), yet at the same time appear capable of running a successful largely Neo Liberal Capitalist Democracy.

This is not an easy task and c'est tres malahereusment but at the moment UK Special Opps Appear odds on to have the last laugh.

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Ramble into Sarkoztikness

Yes well Tis greatTalk about consistency, yet another blog entry, 2 months later "Im in tne mix":

Well a lot has happened in this time

I got a flat

Went to Gilbert and George expo

Got bongoed!

Found Dj Mek on the net


Anyhow Im quite a big fan of Talking to myself and see an occasional blog as the perfect digital opportunity:

Well Hey as the pictures illustrates France has maketh a marked move to the Right. I mean dont get me wrong all government is Fascist A Mon Avis but I think there quite clearly is a qualitative differance Between Sarkozy and the Lady Royal. Thus beginth a reign of Thatcherite Restructurinmg that will fundamentally change French Society. He has the UNIONs in his sights, wants to scrap the 35 Hour Week (the envy of the world), is gonna rap the knuckles of the ghetto yoot and roll out finacial and economic policies that will entrench precarity and lower taxes for Rich Fuckers.

Anyway all is not set in stone:

The Unions are up for a fight and the YOOT are in the streets

Le Feu Marche Avec Moi!!!!

Its all to play and riot tourist are flocking to France for a summer of discontent avec les malcontents!!!