Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Ireeland Lookup Pon Babylon

Well there ya go!

From over here in BabyLonDon Irelands looking even more conservative that it did 10 years ago when I wandered off to grimeyer climes.

The Sinn Fein vote has collapsed and Gerry's grizzly visage is looking even more a relic than St Martins hairy legs.

Anyhow. Whatever that means.

At Least the PDs got spanked but barring that every corrupt and wronged out candidate appears to have been elected.

Its clearly a case of back to the drawing board for the SF part Strategists, they need to figure out how to satisfy their core vote (typical of but not exclusively the Dublin working class), yet at the same time appear capable of running a successful largely Neo Liberal Capitalist Democracy.

This is not an easy task and c'est tres malahereusment but at the moment UK Special Opps Appear odds on to have the last laugh.

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