Saturday, 24 March 2007

Sport Today

I walked to the bookies today.

The Theme tune to The Battle of Algiers playing in my head.

Why oh why oh why.

The Bookies appealeth to I.

The Fickle Nature of Money.

All that Spend.

With a distinct absence of Product.

"Never Before Have So Many Spent So Much And Purchased So Little"

Welcome to The Bookies.

Turn Left At The Boulevard Of Broken Dreams.

Watch Your Step For the Ground Holdeth Empty And Not Empty Cans.

Of White Ace.

Tenants Super.

Special Brew.

The Latter not Really The Reserve of The Gamblers.

Then Again The King Of Beers.

The Sports O f Kings.


Are You Copen.


Todays Bets.

Robbie Keane To Score First And Ireland to Win 3 - 1.

Wales to Beat Ireland and Israel To Beat England. £1 Win Double.

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