Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Too Much Bad Weed In AH THE Garden

So what the fu is going on?

Where haveth all the colly gone?

I mean there is a serious problem in the UK at the moment with Ganja/Cannabis smokables.

You buy crack or smack in any town in the country in a matter of moments try and find some nice skunk or a good quality hash.

Not so easy.

In the last year there has been a nationwide crackdown on Skunk production; over 1,500 grows have been busted in the london area alone and 3 are happening everyday at the moment around the country.

So Why?

Why have the state and the pigs and their fucking lackeys cracked down on the motherfucking colly.

I dont want to sound like some sad hippy wanker.

But really extra strong lager/cider numbs yer brain

Crack fucks you up

Smack puts you to sleep

Sweets rot your teeth

Only ganja and hash can potentially (i emphasise the potentially it might just turn you into a sad moany hippy) stimulate your brain engaging your critical faculties and encouraging you to be nice and happy)

So its simple really the status quo and fucking status stoned. . . . . . .

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